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Air Purifiers

Vertical Plastic Baler3


The air is more polluted inside is that most buildings do not have much ventilation, at least, not one that compares to an outdoor environment. Areas with little to no ventilation are more capable of trapping pollutants like dust, a particle more commonly found in homes than anywhere else.
Air Purifiers Protect Children, the Elderly, and the Chronically Ill from Respiratory Illnesses
The most affected by indoor pollutants are those who spend the most time indoors such as the younger and older generations and the chronically ill, particularly those who have a type of respiratory or cardiovascular disease. Bager Air purifiers can accommodate to their breathing conditions as they reduce the number of hazardous elements in the air, thus decreasing the pollutants that is inhaled.
Rated voltage220V/50Hzrated power锛?05W
Noise25-55dB(A)product materialABS
MotorShibaura Brushless DCControl methodButton + remote control + timing
Air volume1200m鲁/hApplicable volume锛?20m鲁
Product Size370*400*796mmweight19kg
Third-party test data
H1N1 flu virus30min killing rate>99.9%Natural airborne bacteria>95%
Staphylococcus albicans
>99.9%Escherichia coli
Serratia marcescens
TVOC>98%Particulates CADR
1115.5 m鲁/h
UV intensity32692 渭W/c銕?/p>Ozone leakage

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