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Product Description
Packing Mall Alumina Grinding Ball, is higher than the common alumina balls. When it is working, the ball won鈥檛 pollute the grinding materials, so it can keep the purity and improve the stability of grinding materials especially the ceramic glaze.
Packing Mall Alumina Grinding Ball, has high density, high hardness and the high grinding characters save the grinding time, enlarge the smashing room. So it can improve the grinding efficiency.
Technical data
ModelHigh Alumina Grinding Ball
Al2O3 content(%)鈮?2鈮?5
Water adsorption(%)鈮?.01鈮?.005
Abrasion loss (%)锛?.011锛?.0084
Bulk Density (g/cm3)鈮?.65鈮?.68
Crushing strength (N/PC)鈮?000鈮?000
Mohs Hardness (scale)99
CrackNot permissionNot permission
impurityNot permissionNot permission
Typical application
Be used in high temperature, high pressure, high corrosion and stream applications for thermal cycle or chemical tower packing, and catalyst bed support.Ceramic Ball suppliers

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