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Chips Melting Furnace factory

precision forging 19(001)


Our History
Zhejiang Wanfeng Technology Development Co., Ltd, the international leading industrial automation equipment system service provider. Founded in 2000, main business range: intelligent equipment for non-ferrous castings, production line, integrated system provider, sale to all the world.
In 2016, wanfeng technology co., ltd. wholly acquired Paslin company, an international leading robot application system service provider, aiming to become a global leader in welding robot integrated system through digestion, absorption and re-innovation of international advanced technologies. Under the influence of «industry 4.0», «machine replace human beings» and other concepts, the world has entered the era of intelligent economy. Wanfeng technology company will actively practicing the «made in China 2025» national strategy, depth to promote two fusion, with high-end intelligent equipment industrial park as the main battlefield, the overall planning, step-by-step implementation, rolling development, make full use of capital market advantage, with harmony, to become an international, professional automation application system service, take on responsibility and the mission of «smart» made in China, in order to achieve the «made in China» to «created in China» across, push China from «manufacturing power» to «manufacturing power», contribution wanfeng people’s wisdom and strength.
Our Factory
Located in Shengzhou, Zhejiang province. Plant area over 200000 square meter with three individual plants. Main business range: intelligent equipment for non-ferrous castings, production line, integrated system provider.
Our Product
Low pressure die casting;gravity die casting machine;Counter pressure casting machine;Flow forming machine; Melting furnace;Decoring machine;Deburring machine;Trimming machine;Cutting cell;Turn key service
Casting cell automatic whole production line system provider.
Product Application
Aluminum ingot melting;Aluminum die casting equipment;Post cleaning process equipment solution;
Our Certificate
Innovation patents
GDC central compensating process
GDC automatic casting system
Precise casting robot auto shell making cell
Robot core assembling auto production line
Automatic general mechanical arm
Auto Al. wheel flexible and auto production system
Counter pressure mc and casting process
Pre-cut mc for motorcycle
CNC loading and unloading automation for motorcycle
Cylinder block auto deburring line
Automatic powder proportion block cell
Auto Metallurgical Crucible Compression Equipment
Rotary riser and gate cutting mc
National key new products- 4 times
Province first set project- 4 times
Province new products-72 times
Province or National technology development prize-18 times
Company strength锛?/strong>
Various Al.castings manufacturing equipment experience
25 years GDC and LPDC machine application experience
20 years GDC&LPDC manufacturing experience
15 year robotic system integration experience able to provide turn key service to customers, give solution for any headache issue in Al.casting process
The only LPDC&GDC automation equipment production line supplier in China
Production Equipment
Largest LPDC and robotic casting system supplier in China
1400 sets LPDC machine supplied
Robotic casting system:1350 sets
Total over 30 sets production lines service provide to customers
Competent to offer customer with ideal and cost-efficient devices
Production Market
Le Belier group, Nemak, Sany, Sino-Truck, Tuopu group, Saint Jeans group,UNO MINDA,Endurance;Rockman;
Our Service
Professional, dedicated and customized planning- presale service
All round service at any time and anywhere with 20-year oversea experience -after service
Respond in 2 hoursChips Melting Furnace factory

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