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Customized Temporary Metal Fence



Product Name:
Temporary chain link fence
Product Introduction:
Expandable, portable chain link mesh fence, zinc-coated wire mesh, adjustable, rust resistance, easy-assembled, with PVC bases for stable standing.
Product Details:
Temporary chain link fence is also known as mobile fence, temporary isolation fence, mobile security fence, mobile fence. It is a self-supporting temporary metal fence. Mesh panels are connected by clamps and removable feets, which make temporary fence easy to install and relocate.
According to the netting, there are 2 types of temporary fence, which are chain link netting and welded netting. Temporary chain link fence, also known by some as cyclone fence, is one of the most popular choices of metal fences for both light residential to heavy commercial fence applications. The portable chain link mesh fence is expandable and is easy to set up the perimeter along with property.
Temporary chain link fence is made from galvanized / hot-dip / pvc coated iron wire, to fix with posts, brace and fittings to build a chain link fence system.
It鈥檚 economic. With its PVC bases, it stands stable on the ground is is weather resistant in windy days.
The chain link fence usually comes with diamond openings which sizes start from 10mm to 100mm, which make the fence light weighted, see-through, easy-assembled, low costed. The smooth wire weaving help your pets safe from inside and no harm to pedestrians outside. It is a friendly and widly use fence all over the world.
Parameters Based On Our Standard Model:
Item #:
Decpription:Temporary Chain link fence
Application:Factory / park / pool / deck / airport / goverment building / farm
Alloy:Iron / steel
Finish:Powder coated / hot dip galvenized / pvc coated
Post style:In-ground / above ground
Post size:50x50mm / 60x60mm / 100×100 mm / custom size
Mesh weaving:Welded / weaving
Opening size10mm – 100mm
Wire size:1.20mm – 5.00 mmCustomized Temporary Metal Fence

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