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Scaffolding Material

  • Provincia: Guantánamo
  • Country: Austria
precision forging 19(001)


The emergence of Green Scaffolding Safety Net is an urgent need for the high development of the construction industry. People’s increasing attention to safety and strong demand for safety are urging the continuous development of Green Scaffolding Safety Net. High-quality Building Construction Safety Nets need to have excellent durability, light fastness and colorfastness, simple operation and long service life.
V-SIGN’s Green Scaffolding Safety Net are very light and easy to install. They have high tear resistance and can effectively prevent debris, dust or objects from falling on construction sites. By using Green Scaffolding Safety Net, it can also effectively combat the impact of extreme weather. The mesh structure also provides ideal opportunities for advertising.
Quality Assurancce锛?/strong>
鈼?Strict contract review invited all departments to ensure the feasibility of each order.
鈼?Process design and verification before mass production.
鈼?All raw and auxiliary materials are strictly controlled, and all raw materials have reached the world’s advanced level.
鈼?Carry out on-site inspections of all processes, and the inspection records can be kept for 3 years.
鈼?All inspectors have the skills of an international certificate.
鈼?100% inspection of finished products and accessories before leaving the factory.
鈼?Advanced and complete testing and inspection equipment.
鈼?Regularly train inspectors.Scaffolding Material

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